Minister Bahuguna shifts road accident injured to the hospital 

Bhonpuram khabari, Rudrapur: Two times legislator from Sitarganj and Animal Husbandry Minister in the state government, Saurabh Bahuguna, turned into a good samaritan and shifted to hospital two persons who suffered injuries in a road accident. The 44-year-old and the youngest minister in the state cabinet was on an official tour in Rudraprayag and returning back to Dehradun, saw two tourists grievously injured in a road accident near Srinagar, Garhwal. Bahuguna stopped his vehicle and directed his driver and security personnel to help the injured and provided his vehicle to shift them to the Srinagar hospital and administer them treatment on a priority basis.

He personally instructed his subordinates to ensure that the injured are duly taken care of. This pro human philanthropic attitude, though it was his moral responsibility as a minister, is being lauded by one and all which will definitely send a good humanitarian message across inspiring others too, to help people in distress and during accidents. Talking to your loving web portal Bhonpuram Khabari, Bahuguna said that this is the onus of everyone to help people in such conditions. “I saw them lying on the road and immediately asked my driver to stop the car and directed my security personnel and the staff to take the two injured to the hospital in a police vehicle”, Bahuguna said.

According to the local residents. two bikes collided on the main road on Tuesday evening. The victims fell on the road and suffered bleeding injuries and were crying in pain when the minister Bahuguna noticed them. The identity of the tourists is yet to be known.

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